Physically Enriching

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Serenity and Peace of Mind

At Cascades of Grass Valley, we learn from our residents what is meaningful to them, and based on their current interests, provide a constantly evolving program of activities that allow them to do what they most enjoy in life.

Our goal is to help every resident live a life of purpose and joy. To achieve this, older adults require a wealth of socially, mentally and physically enriching experiences. Seniors who stay active with others decline more slowly than those who become isolated and sedentary. That’s why our Life Enhancement Program is so important, and why we encourage everyone to participate. It includes:

  • Physical Activities – Walking, yoga, conductorcise, bands and weights, games like Wii bowling, outdoor outings
  • Intellectual Stimulation – Current events discussions, puzzles, technology classes, creative pursuits, guest speakers
  • Socialization – Large and small group activities, resident-run functions, special interest clubs, community interactive events, hobby clinics, Family Night, special celebrations
  • Philanthropic Ventures – Residents use their special skills and talents to share with others, contributing to the community and their own sense of purpose
  • Spiritual Wellness – Multi-faith worship opportunities, Bible study

These engaging activities offer a variety of health-related benefits, such as:

  • Increasing appetite
  • Relieving chronic pain
  • Improving communication
  • Promoting cognitive growth
  • Helping residents sleep better
  • Gaining strength and mobility
  • Providing emotional well-being